Greater Kansas City Officials Association - Kansas City, Missouri


Volleyball Crew Chief Guidelines

Crew Chief Guidelines

  1. If you are the first official listed for a tournament, you are the Crew Chief.
  2. Please contact the school 2 weeks ahead of time to secure information about teams and schedule for the day. If there are changes (start time, etc.) that need to be addressed on Arbiter, please relay this information to the assigners.
  3. Please contact the officiating crew listed on Arbiter one week ahead of time to confirm attendance. After receiving confirmation, please contact the assigners (David Thompson or Don Gard) to set up rotation for the day. There may be potential conflicts of interest or partnering matters that need to be addressed. Please do not pair up officials without contacting Don or David.
  4. Please email the crew about planned pairings. Please ask the crew, except for potential relief officials, to report to the main site approximately 45 minutes before start time on the day of the tournament to go over ground rules. In the case of multiple locations, please discuss with David or Don about assigning a site coordinator to take care of these matters at other sites. (Example: Grain Valley has 4 different sites.)
  5. Please have each official report back to Crew Chief the number of bracket and pool play matches worked. The Crew Chief then reports this to the Administrative Assistant or AD at the host school. Please copy this information to Don and David. In the case of site coordinators, please ask each person at the site to report to the coordinator and then ask the coordinator to report this information to the Crew Chief.
  6. If there were issues regarding penalty cards, problems with fans, hospitality room, etc., please inform David or Don. Please inform about any complimentary reports.
  7. Have a fantastic tournament!